The Place

The Club was located on North Western Avenue, Hollywood, Ca. A one story building painted gray, with ample parking in the back. A dormant giant during the day that came alive at night fall! The Show was staged on the first floor, which accommodated seats on both sides of the isle, the ring in the middle, a full liquor Bar and the Control Room where two long haired dudes would blast the house with the latest heavy metal and disco hits! The luminous sign could be seen from the 101 Fwy. north bound miles away. It was impossible to miss it! The show was so unique, that attracted people from all areas, rock stars, sport figures, movie stars, politicians, etc. Bachelor and private parties were frequently scheduled, not to mention the one guy who would take his Mom on Mothers' Day to the Club year after year, the maniac! A visit to Los Angeles would not be complete without a night at the Hollywood Tropicana!

Rocking The House!!

"Hollywood Tropicana" was an experience, an adventure, a unique place to be surrounded by beautiful girls, thunderous music, and a bunch of wild men screaming loud while drinking, mud wrestling, or buying kisses from a gorgeous bombshell who would rub her prominent tits on their faces!! Not to mention the "Official Picture" that could be taken with the girl you liked best!! Come along, let's go inside and feel the walls shaking!!

How many times you walked through those doors, got change for the babes, and headed right for the floor to find a good seat? A million times, right? You could hear the music from the entrance and see Tony and Mary the bartenders working as fast as they could to get orders out. On the floor the Show was in full swing, the girls walking around selling kisses, the referees right behind to get the money, the photo girl snapping pictures left and right and the boys in the control room playing just the right music to energize the room!! Here on the left our friend the Cab driver who was available to anyone that could no longer drive home, oh well!!

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